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Kalima is the base of Islam, and whenever a person wants to change his religion from others to Islam, the first step for the conversion is Islam. Every Muslim knows that there are 6 six kalimas. Though the recitation words may differ, all of these kalimas have the same message: the oneness of Allah. This specified blog is about the overview and benefits of 4th kalma. Before we talk about the benefits of the fourth Kalima, let us clarify that every Kalima has unique vitality. Kalima and every aspect of Islam is essential, whether it is Namaz or reading the Quran.

Now, let's talk about the overview of this discussion here. First, we will overview the 4th Kalima and its importance in Islam. Moreover, we will discuss the benefits of this particular Kalima, and we have already written about the benefits of the second Kalima as well, which you can read on our website. After concluding, we will answer your questions regarding the same topic. So, let us start our discussion with an overview of the fourth Kalima.

An Overview of 4th Kalima

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Before talking about the benefits of 4th kalima, let us clarify the concept of this kalima. "Tawheed," or the Fourth Kalima, signifies "accepting the oneness of Allah." The monotheistic concept of Allah, which holds that there is only one God and that all people will eventually return to Him, is reflected in the Tauheed in Islam. The first pillar of Islam, tawheed, completes the cycle of faith in a Muslim's life along with the other pillars. Moreover, a Muslim's acceptance of tauheed is what sets them apart from non-Muslims.

When we go for the translation of this kalima, it reveals everything it delivers. Let us have a look at the English translation of the 4th kalma.

"There is none worthy of worship except Allah. He is alone and has no partner. To Him belongs the Kingdom, and for Him is all praise. He gives life and causes death. In His hand is all good, and He has power over everything."

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Importance of 4th Kalima

The Islamic faith is significant to the 4th Kalima, often called Kalima Tauheed. This Kalima takes away the concept that Allah SWT possesses partners or companions in his might and deservingness and instead symbolizes Allah SWT's unity (Tawhid). The words, "No one has the right to be worshipped but Allah," represent an essential part of a Muslim's belief system.

Moreover, it signifies a person's unwavering trust in the absolute power of Allah. He has no partners; he stands alone. The Quran and Hadith are deeply rooted in this crucial statement, a foundation of Islamic devotion and prayer. It stresses that everything in life, including death, depends on the One and only God.

Benefits of 4th Kalima

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Now that we are aware of the message and importance of this particular Kalima, it is time to share some benefits of the 4th Kalima. The benefit list might lead to infinity, but we shortened this list and decided to educate you on just a few points with the complete message.

Moreover, the list comprises strengthening the faith and peace in our hearts. Some other benefits are that this Kalima keeps us from sins, evolves our spirit of tolerance, and improves the quality of our worshipping.

Strengthens our Faith

Islam's fourth Kalima, or Kalima Tauheed, is a significant text that restates the concept of Allah's unity. It instills a strong sense of humility and obedience to the Almighty and strengthens one's faith.

Offer Peace to Our Hearts

Because it emphasizes Allah's supreme authority and sovereignty over everything, reciting the Fourth Kalima regularly calms and soothes the heart. Reminding oneself of the divine power and wisdom behind all events in life is said to enhance one's patience and fortitude when faced with challenges.

Keeps us Away from Sins

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Furthermore, emphasizing man's mortality and inferiority helps avoid the sins of hubris and self-deception. By continually reminding people of Allah's superiority and uniqueness, it also acts as a barrier against the whispering of Satan. Academics frequently stress that regular recitation of the Fourth Kalima can result in spiritual development and enlightenment.

Evolves the Tolerance spirit

Additionally, it can instill in them a sense of generosity and tolerance. It never stops reminding us that there is a higher power "Allah" that is watching over us. Furthermore, He will undoubtedly assist us in overcoming whatever misfortune we may have in life.

Improves the Quality of Worship

Finally, employing the 4th Kalima in prayer improves the caliber of devotion and raises awareness of Allah. Additionally, it helps to cleanse hearts and spirits, promoting a closer relationship with the Creator.

Sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAW) Regarding the 4th Kalima

According to [Sahih Muslim 2691], "Whoever recites the holy text one hundred times in a single day will be blessed as if they had freed ten enslaved people, will earn one hundred credits and will have one hundred sins pardoned. "

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said, "Whoever recites the following Dua in Fajar, his ten sins shall be erased, ten virtues shall be added, and ten ranks for him must be added." 


As we get to the end of our investigation into the Fourth Kalima and its benefits, a cozy embrace of peace and faith surrounds us. Reciting this potent statement of Tawheed has many advantages beyond simple memorization; it improves our lives in subtle and significant ways.

The Fourth Kalima provides us with a spiritual compass to help us navigate life's storms, from the unwavering belief in Allah's unity that fortifies our faith to the calming serenity that envelopes our hearts as we submit to His divine will. It raises our level of worship, fosters tolerance and understanding, and protects us from the temptations of sin.


What is Islamic unity?

Feel that Muslims are all brothers in faith, regardless of how widely away their nations and borders are. Muslims living in harmony with one another are defined as intimacy, mingling, healing, and psychological and emotional coherence.

How does the 4th kalma contribute to the overall understanding of the Islamic faith?

The Fourth Kalima provides a concise summary of Islam's significant tenets, highlighting Allah's unity, the prophetic role of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the fundamental values that direct a Muslim's faith and behavior.

In what ways does the Fourth Kalima promote unity among Muslims?

Through the universal affirmation of fundamental Islamic principles, the 4th kalma cultivates a feeling of shared identity and mission among Muslims. It acts as a uniting factor, bringing believers together via shared beliefs.

Is there a specific etiquette or manner for reciting the Fourth Kalima?

The 4th kalma should ideally be recited with humility and sincerity. Muslims who want a close relationship with Allah frequently say it during daily prayers. During the recitation, keep yourself tidy and concentrate.