To assist students in learning the fundamentals of prayer, Awwal Quran is pleased to provide a thorough Namaz course. This course is intended to aid students in developing a greater comprehension of Namaz, its significance in Islam, and how to do it correctly. The Namaz course covers all the aspects required for prayer, including its prerequisites, requirements, and suggested acts. At our online Quran academy, students also learn how to conduct Wudu correctly, why it’s essential to face the Qiblah, and the manners of Namaz. The course will also go through the various prayer forms, such as the Fard, Sunnah, and Nafl, and the different prayer times. Enroll in our Namaz course immediately to strengthen your connection to Allah (SWT).

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Why Choose Namaz Learning Course?

Embark on your journey to learn Namaz online with our comprehensive Namaz course. Dive into the depths of this sacred practice from the comfort of your home, guided by expert instructors who understand the significance of every prayer. Our Namaz course isn’t just about learning; it’s about connecting with your spirituality in a profound and meaningful way. Experience the beauty of Namaz through interactive online sessions that cater to your individual needs and pace of learning. Join our community of like-minded individuals, united in their quest to deepen their understanding of Namaz online. Don’t let distance or time constraints hold you back from embracing this essential aspect of your faith. Enroll today and unlock the transformative power of learning online Namaz.

Benefits of Learning Namaz Online

Individuals can improve their understanding and practice of the prayer by learning from an authentic Quran institute or by choosing to Learn Salat Online.

What you will Learn in this Course?

Namaz Learning Course Outline:

Online Namaz Lesson:

Standing – Stand facing the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca.
Takbir: The Takbir is a declaration of the start of the prayer.

Learn How to Make Wudu Step by Step for Kids Adults.
What is difference between Wudu or Tayammum ?
Dua After Making wudu in Arabic.

Understanding its Significance.
Why Dua-e-Qunoot crucial in Witr.

Importance of Dua after Namaz.
Strengthening the Bond with Allah.
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What Is The Last Dua In Namaz?

Establishing Intention, Adhan and Prerequisites (Wudu).
Takbir ,Recitation of Quran and Ruku.
Sajida, Tashahhud, Salam and Dua.

Learning namaz online offers convenience and accessibility, enabling individuals to deepen their spiritual practice from anywhere.

Share some material (Realated to Salat ) at the time of practice.


Share some material (RELATED TO MEMORIZE QURAN) at the time of practice.

The child is reading the Holy Quran in the mosque

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£ 22 / Month
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  • 12 Classes Per Month
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  • One-On-One Classes
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£ 27 / Month
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£ 30 / Month
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We also arrange special classes just for you, designed to meet your specific needs. If you’re interested, feel free to talk to us through chat.

Why Choose Awwal Quran:

Experience the best Quranic education at Awwal Quran, where we focus on helping beginners with our amazing Namaz Learning Course. Enjoy personalized, one-on-one lessons that make learning easy and fun, with your teacher guiding you all the way. Say goodbye to boring classrooms and hello to learning from anywhere in the world. Adjust your classes to fit your busy life, making learning super convenient. Join our happy group of students and dive into the greatness of Awwal Quran Namaz Learning Course. Start your journey to understanding and happiness with us today.

Namaz Learning for Kids & Adults:

Offer your kids the wonderful opportunity to learn about Namaz and Islam with our special Namaz Learning Course designed just for them. With our convenient online classes at home, your child can embark on this enriching journey from the comfort of your own home. Our engaging tutors make learning fun and exciting through interactive methods tailored for kids. With step-by-step guidance, even 5-year-olds can grasp and apply Namaz rules easily. These classes not only build confidence but also instill a love and dedication for Namaz study in your child.

How to learn the Namaz Learning Course?

Embark on a transformative journey to Learn Salat Online through our immersive Namaz course. Dive into the essence of Namaz online, where every session is a gateway to spiritual growth and understanding. With our comprehensive Namaz course, master the art of Namaz reading from the comfort of your own home. Explore the intricacies of Namaz online, guided by expert instructors who infuse each lesson with wisdom and compassion. Join our vibrant community of learners, where shared experiences and encouragement make the learning process enriching and enjoyable. Start your online Namaz  journey today and unlock the power of prayer at your fingertips.

Expert Guidance from Certified Instructors:

Experience expert guidance from certified instructors dedicated to teaching Namaz online. Our team of qualified educators, with extensive experience in Islamic education, is committed to providing personalized support to students at every stage of their Namaz learning journey. Whether you’re starting as a novice or aiming to enhance your skills, our instructors are passionate about helping you succeed in mastering Namaz online.

Learn Namaz online at home with structured lessons and expert guidance. Accessible platforms offer step-by-step instruction for mastering prayer rituals. Join virtual classes to deepen your understanding and practice of Namaz. Explore resources tailored to beginners and advanced learners alike. Start your journey to spiritual growth today.

With our structured Namaz course curriculum and interactive online platform, you’ll embark on a seamless journey to deepen your understanding of Namaz reading. Join our vibrant online community today and immerse yourself in a rewarding and enriching learning experience with Awwal Quran


How to start Namaz?

Make intention in your heart, and decide to pray the specific prayer.

What do you say in RUKU?

Subhana Rabbiy-al-‘Azeem

This translates to “Glory to my Lord, the Most Magnificent” and is usually repeated at least three times, though you can say it more.

When to start Namaz?

Teach your child to pray, when he becomes seven, and punish him for not obeying it from the age of ten”(at-Tirmizi No. 407).

Where and how can I quickly learn to perform Namaz (Salah)?

You can quickly learn Namaz by using online tutorials or Reading books. For the best learning experience, join Awwal Quran Course “ learn namaz online“, where comprehensive and easy-to-follow lessons are provided.

What should I do if I miss a Salah?

If you miss a Salah, you should perform it as soon as you remember. This is called “Qada” prayer. It’s important to make up for missed prayers to maintain your spiritual discipline and obligations.

What should I do if I make a mistake in Salah?

If you make a mistake in Salah, perform the prostration of forgetfulness (Sujood al-Sahw) at the end of the prayer. This compensates for minor mistakes made during the prayer.