In our Quran Course online classes, Students in this course will gain knowledge of the numerous approaches to Tafseer . They will also examine the context and import of several passages and their meanings. Being an academy for young scholars, we recognize that every student learns at a different rate. As a result, we ensure that the course contents and teaching strategies accommodate other learning preferences. Students may access course materials and engage with their instructors using our online platform from homes.

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Awwal Quran is pleased to provide a thorough Quran Tafsir course.

Course Strategy

Tafsir-e-Quran draws upon various Islamic sciences, such as Hadith (Prophetic traditions), Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Usul al-Fiqh (Principles of jurisprudence), and Aqeedah (Islamic creed)

Scholars employ various methods and techniques to interpret the Quranic verses.
These include linguistic analysis, examining the usage of specific words and their root meanings, exploring relevant verses from different parts of the Quran

Tafsir-e-Quran also focuses on the practical application of the Quranic teachings in contemporary times.

The first step in Tafsir-e-Quran is a meticulous examination of the Quranic verses.
This involves studying the Arabic language, grammar, and syntax used in the Quran.
Context plays a crucial role in interpreting the Quran.
Scholars delve into the historical, cultural, and social circumstances surrounding the revelation of each verse.
The child is reading the Holy Quran in the mosque

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